Toujours Ami (mchne bran remix)

from by Brenden Arias




constant relentless tryin
to better myself and keep on flyin
forward towards the sun i go
my wings'll burn but it wont stop the show

pick up the phone; ive been all alone
leanin on walls in alleys covered snow
drunk mess; run to pick up this up
charred black lungs; gotta patch me up

trying to reconstruct parts of my brain
all the while with these suicide thoughts
hold me close when the shit aint right
fix my posture for the knife up right

but maybe its that time that we take a big left
off this road of desperate attempts
ive been more of waiting
for a real sign of debating

patiently in the back
ive been; oh no
cant see
next year
im flipped

but maybe thats just the point
life decides for me and i get no choice
i might as well cry; i might as well laugh
might as well love; might as well dance

dont know if it the endin still true
but im good if its not cus of you


from My dear friend, Life., released January 17, 2017
original by maedasalt
remixed by mchne bran
written and mixed by brenden arias
mastered by echobase



all rights reserved


Brenden Arias Arizona


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