from by Brenden Arias



pilled up and lied
layin in the ground in my suit and tie

whisped voices above thee
lost signals in looped dreams

wrong doings in stations
practice tribulations
longing for some patience

but the leaves never drum
im waitin in the line for the tree huggers bode
cus im so lost so maybe need some reconnections
hold me to the nature's present

state of mind
for a trainquil
piece of mind; im fallin off the building's rise

informing bys; why gones are long
and tripping off the strumming song

passing roles to their mothers
then i turn to the sun
asking dad if he's bothered
to check on my whole well being
filling up my bright kings

hold me to my dearest broach
cop my hell ticket for coach
i should be a lot more worried
this is all i dreamed at 30

dont know where im going but its far from here
ive hopped on my spaceship and told them to clear
so i can keep a smooth take off
so i can track my weeks until im off this

extra travel tense
weeks leading up to this
solumn ending blip
theres no way back to my bliss

woah now u gotta slow down
time go on forward; that mean u too
life aint the same; it dont stay that way
its only in the now; no predictions here

but when signs keep pointing to your death
its hard to keep a straight face; what do you expect?
that youll fall on down? maybe lose your crown?
an addiction to power to unify the world

aw baby; this aint so crazy
its only explosions above our heads
the world aint endin; so whats this dread?
just an exestensial crisis; i lay in my bed

so maybe we make some new mistakes
youre dreamin; wide awake
the reality disconnecting from nerve ends

complete discretion of whyyyyyy
inside other worlds of
i know myself
i know myself
i know myself
i know myself


from My dear friend, Life., released January 17, 2017
produced, written, and mixed by brenden arias
mastered by echobase



all rights reserved


Brenden Arias Arizona


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