On this day; I dream a better black hole

from by Brenden Arias



well hi
ive been dealin wit some problems
social anxiety ontop of extra crosses
sorta feel like my life is at a hault
despite me moving forward and playing a bigger part

in the choices that i discuss with all my lovahs
trying to overcome the switches that i flip up
and realising they shock when i refill my cup
so maybe its a sign that this whisky aint right

and my friends aint truthful; i lost my best one
because i smoke too much or cus im super contrainian
with the mindset; challenge all these objects
that theyre following the orders of their parents for their projects

and aint thinkin for themselves; the life i lead
im controlled by society ; its given defeat
as my plight to be different; it set me aside
ive lost all my buddies that i used to call ride

or dies; it aint nice that i live alone
in the heart of phoenix; i should call this my home
because home is where the heart is and thats where all this love started
maybe im jus bein weird for choosing my own starter

kit that no one followed
its just how the record swallows
all my civil matters inwards
i dream of better black hole

these are the woes of me
hope i get sucked in please

red white blue in my genes
freedom of press to report my feelings

freedom of act to commit my shooting
the final frontier of the lonely cool kid
the journey's super voyage to the star dust landing
i hope i make it off this earth with more understanding

i played
the fool
makin all descisions with

sentimental relapse
chucked me as far back as

last week
ive been

whether its
wrong or right
and im mostly comin to the conclusion that i been wrong
its been a long year of gettin birds eyes views

put my feet in other's shoes and its not my emotion
change of perspective; slow learner tryna perfect it
but the progress show much later so its useless in practice

tryna stand ontop of trees with a loss of balance
i dreamt of this nature's blackhole


from My dear friend, Life., released January 17, 2017
produced, written, and mixed by brenden arias
mastered by echobase



all rights reserved


Brenden Arias Arizona

contact/inquiries: griffendere@gmail.com

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