My Life Be the Set

from by Brenden Arias



key crazy; and sort of amazin
little tough kid from the valley of the sages
hit the phone now cus its hot in the booth
gotta kick the AC on for the kiddies in COOP

cus with growing up tall comes responsibility
a concept never grasped by the shitty likes of me
no man please; i aint too hard on myself
its hard to judge when my dick talks louder than my feelings

wilin in my PJs; never got the fuck up
been lyin bout my disability since the come up
its just a good way of sayin work aint for me
but when im home all day; i sometimes wonder if im free

cus i sleep in the day; and roll up joints to get faded
forget my existence; then make music thatll never hit yall
im slowly fallin off the ball
america is fucked because the youth aint growin tall

this a letter to the generation
i mean it with all grace and slight hesitation
i think the youth should get the fuck up
learn about the world sitting around them; not be stuck

because the comp aint everything
and raves aint a sentiment
to be a fuckass in your parent's basement;

you need leave the house sometime
because shrooms up north are my favourite past time

oh god its getting past 9
i gotta sleep right now
because its sucks bein an adult with priorities now

i cant do shit; cant even smoke you out
because im bein taxed to live by own life vows

it was all up to me when i was younger
unless you got a path where you like to starve and hunger

take a little seat and reevaluate your concious
life choices that youve made; were you honest?

hold up; u better call that phone now
line closes at 9; gotta double down
oh no you overslept; gotta wait for
the eager morning of a Saturday on hold

aint movin around all today
until you remember that you gotta go downtown
break out the list; always forget one thing
troubles in adult life; nobody seems perfect

every waking member of society has issues
its not miraculous happenings that ive been stressed out
a lot of times; i contemplate if its truly worth it
if my baby problems are worth a sad ending

i may be understatin in some areas but for the most part; its nothing to sweat over
i just hope that my friends give themselves breaks
its all overworking type lifestyles in college

no time to congregate; i stay unemployed
fam dont understand; yall heard that noise
always stressin about the money comin in
the bank doesnt grow; it just takes away the comma end


from My dear friend, Life., released January 17, 2017
produced, written, and mixed by brenden arias
mastered by echobase



all rights reserved


Brenden Arias Arizona


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