by Brenden Arias



part of a collection of discarded tracks that arent gonna make it on my next vocal project but arent bad enough to throwaway and waste

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can u open the door to everything
that my life has emcompassed running around
in town; waiting for the moment
to drown

they tell me all that nothings wrong
but when i sleep at night; i hear a song
and i sing it outloud though no one can hear

so maybeeeeeee
this is another test of faith
hold me on a chain
hold me on a

so maybeeeeeee
this is another test of faith
hold me on a noose
struggle to produce

dear the other kind; past the line
aint sayin ya name cus it aint feelin right
i dont make other people famous; thats sorta aimless
thats why i dont fuck with the beef; id rather taste it

rather tenderize the sides; leave it out;
been in a couple of a scuffles; i jerk it out
with my hands on my phone right after the event
because im waitin for the text from that girl from the west

infested with these sorta inner beliefs
that forever is a thing and that i hate the police
but if i really think about it; i dont feel that way
the police are sorta cool and im accepting of death

because if i stay and fear it; ill never live
and suicide is easier when you be down wit the biz
thats how life works; its a circling reality
im looking in the mirror and im losing all these calories

without working out or coming close to exercising
i just get ultra stoned when im feelin like im wilin
i cant deal with these ropes right now
im tryna choose between drunk and unhealthy lifestyles

wakin up and do a shot;
wakin up and smokin pot;
then we get to mid-day and im lookin for that oxycot

maybe im just not a stable person to date
all the more reason to not say anythang

woah now-woah now-woah now-woah now
i know your feelings are gushin over you from your heart
fuck it


released April 26, 2016
shoutout to whoever zack austin is; i sample stole from him from a nujabes tribute comp and only added drums so i cant really take credit for all of this



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Brenden Arias Arizona


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