Growing up; to deal with problems like a troubled minor

from by Brenden Arias



been young; 19; drivin in pipe dreams
full foot on the gas with bridges to nice things
cus we cant all run; sittin in the back wit cha headphones on
chillin wit the fact that your lifes all wrong

couldnt find a job or your credit report
waitin for the loan from your cigarette costs
too much drugs in the making boss
finna get caught by the 5-0; loss

think like the cops for my whole life man
even in my personal relationships;
dealin wit the bragiciousness
take a sip
fall right back; take a hint
flyin all my mind to space
milk and eggs my saving grace

they remind me of the shining light sky
never take another L from the bitch called life
even tho they my closest friend
i still hate them like a fandom's rant

im pillin it
searchin for the opiate;
snortin it;
crush it all up with the bottle kids
learn from the master;
numbin binge
i flung the singe

seryinge in my neck and maybe i will pass out
seryinge in my throat and maybe i will blast out
maybe this the last night; i pray to God it is
but petty prayers arent answered; i need to face my fears

outer space; my thoughts are back and forth
probs flashin around me; baby daddy courts
maybe this just how it is
maybe we got no control
maybe this my world now
maybe this the ending rolls

i dont wanna grow up yet;
wanna travel cross the world to the fuctions
wanna drink until i die with the munchkins
but not the little ones; not a fuckin soccer mom

i aint ready for life; barely ready for this one
ive held a knife to my throat askin for forgiveness
but its never come my way;
gettin scared tryna sleep it off; need another new opiate to numb it off

need another new ritual to warn it off
need another old testament to read it off
no matter what i do; its just a sleeping thought
in the back of my mind

cant even recline
in the back of myself
used to find my warmth;
now; all i find is scorched

scorched lungs; too many cigarettes
comin out my mouth; straight to the toliet
im not in no place for a kid

its not my time to grow up
too young stayin in the drugs on the slow ups
im not ready
im not ready

maybe when i wake up tomorrow
i will forget that i am even existing
i cant take it anymore i wanna stop existing


from My dear friend, Life., released January 17, 2017
produced, written, and mixed by brenden arias
mastered by echobase



all rights reserved


Brenden Arias Arizona


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