tryna find a trill way to talk about anxiety
facades are my game when it comes to monopoly
takin all these rights away from my olds
cus the reality of this is that im used pain

im used to all these people usin me up
wanna free record sesh n some money up front
wanna get hella stoned but not your own dro
the drink aint yours and your smokin my marlboros

but slow down; didnt i let all of this, happen?
walkin all over my gold, platter?
being too nice to the fake, tragic?
yeah; its bad

im tired of all these snakes in the field
these witches are spellin my name out in tears
the suicide feel that this life is nothing
complex intersecting course to the ugly

fallout of nap now
im wakin the fuck up and startin the trial
this run is my game; im aimin for fame
but can i still be depressed when i make it?

so what the fucks the point?
should i care about money or should i care about joints?
because one is for spirits and the others the leg
that i hack the fuck off cus ill die if i care

im so muthafuckin depressed woah ohoh

got this weight thats jus inside my chest
im tryin for a simple fix
but rocks just penatrate the skin
n smoke just burns my lungs too thin

im muthafuckin depressed woah ohoh

hold up; you wanna shovel them pills?
these motherfuckers is actin like i dont need a will
dont need a bill; like im a fuckin rich in my cell
fuckin pay for this therapist with good intent? chill

i been cruisin while broke and im pickin up weed
the only source of therapy that is cheap
its been awhile since ive tried a new lease
and all these other costs that equate to me

its part of growin up; my depression set
video games that sink in my best
times in 05; i used to have friends
times in 08; i used to have women

that follow me around and tell me im cool
but this aint no school; im a somewhat a fool
for not expectin all this shit when im old
i guess im just tryna not grow up lone

but feelins is raw; comin from the bottom of my dumb hart
pitcher be ready for me to down hard if i wanna sing song
but maybe its time i stop smokin bong

dont run away x4

depression aint set yo
lemme tell you x2


from My dear friend, Life., released January 17, 2017
produced, written, and mixed by brenden arias
mastered by echobase



all rights reserved


Brenden Arias Arizona

contact/inquiries: griffendere@gmail.com

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