Slept On: Vol. 1

by Brenden Arias



this is shit i did pre and post album coming out september 6th. extra songs, failed projects, shit i just wanna fucking release already like damn. i even kept all names i was using at the time i made whatever it is. either way; enjoy these rarities and oddities while i wait for the fucking microphone to actually record the album to come in.

ps i lied


released July 9, 2015

Em See:
Naseba Naru:
Big Boss Balto aka Derek Kenton:
The Weekenders:



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Track Name: super hype - Brenden Arias
the one that doesnt smoke is my favourite smoke buddy
i dont even get it cus its even when im buddy
muthafuckas ask me if i wanna kick it back
but id rather make beats wit a 40 in my hand

rock rhymes with myself and my girl in the back
drawin who know whats on her fuckin snap chat
and its got me feelin all types of ways
liquor and the weed to kill the pain

so i sit back and spit tracks and on the cut dope facts
and steel mags mp3 wavs are what my vocals are recorded in
so fuck the gin imma go straight for it
crack rock in 85 to make it less borin

ill prolly be one of those whacked out rappers doin blow on stage and i cant tell you what happen

[it feel good
runnin around in other streets
in feel good
kickin back in my steez
it feel good
when im in the hood all you see
it feel good
me in the back and a tee

it feel good
runnin around other streets
it feel good
kickin it back wit my steez
it feel good
when im in the hood all you see
it feel good
me in the back and a tee
Track Name: LOOKING OUT FOR YOU produced by LUSH - Dat Crew
[brenden arias]
picture me in a plain white tee
comin through the door of felicity
come on and three; its for the gallery
where we put all our enemies on displee

no they plea no fuckin Gs
when they ask forgiveness from our streets
no south side slugs; no fractured suds
just blunts in our face from the rado bud

no loss in our voice from the corny tugs
from the shirtless muthafuckas in the room at dusk
cus we are party no poppin mollys
less you talkin bout the cherry from wisconsin

no pictures please; im tryna smoke my trees
and take no threats from the certainties
no fallout bugs cus i fixed the cud
and lit the disks on fire with the plug

cus its socked and high on sire;
toss the match cus i need a lighter
gonna take it over with an empire
change it to the fancy new age philosophers

no birds to fuck with our curse
with the way things rollin in our lurk

ive dealt with the turn up with our kirk
i dont fuck wit muthafuckas who on they worst

liches now; they dont allow
they tryna fuck us up and redirect our sounds
they tryna find us in what they call the rough
so ill show em what we mean when zoners get hucked

throw em in the river
cross the band
shoot em in the throat tho
take the stand
never backin down foes
its the sand
with the motherfuckers askin where im at

[em see]
(round that)
i put an order in for a chicken
but before i order in; i need a kitchen

so where you from pussy?
heard you talkin shit; whats the move; whats good?
yo i got a lot of troubles of my own to deal with,
so lets add one more to the list

bang bang
take ya money
back up on the corner wit a 40 in the morning

how lovely;
another dead punk that wont fuck me
nothing out of what was once somethin

bump bump it up ogl thats some good ass weed
murder one murder one two three
to infinity gun strap; you jus might survive
think im in a bad mood see me tonight

sleep is for the dead and thats all my life
bitch do or die
get it right get it long get high get loose get low or goodbye
old dog new addiction

we golden gods fuck you christians
good morning; bad news
fuck your life and fuck you
im so damn sick

no antidote in this; i didnt plan on flyin off the handle
here i go again; no pussy shit you lesbians
i keep the juice in the trunk like an elephant
top dawg like a muthafuckin president

no weapon no murder no evidence

brain on overdrive wanted this shit
all my life meanwhile you aint did shit
waistin time they say i drink too much
so much i ask why? turn up bitch its 2-0-1-5

yeah thats what the fuck i do
fuck the hate; cant let it fuck you
never understate or exaggerate
say it the truth; homie bust that move


its that new shit
its that vintage
its that white kid
its that young pimp

its that 90 cent so i can get up on the bus and then pay my rent
no discount? man count dis
get cho ass up off that couch ya dig?

watch yo mouth no homie
watch yo bitch she aint no saint

you wont believe what she did
no you wouldin believe what she did

so i aint kissin
i aint tellin
i aint winnin
but i aint fellin
Track Name: the revolution will be televised into the soundwaves of the stratsophere and to alien lifeform's televisions so they can see and help me move a nation (feat. Naseba Naru) - Brenden Arias
[brenden arias]
i threw crusifix;
i picked a bible; through to it
my two do it; it says jesus is the murderess

the undressed and the most deprived
loved by many and never told a lie

disguise; its what the fabrics put it on
the ones in black uniforms who try to save lives

the cries;
you can hear them in the wind
and when moses was taking animals to and from his kin

the screech on my back from the leopard's young pack
when they asked how it felt to be under arrest for wax

tops off; theyre educated
caught me in my footsteps took me and my gun awaited

pop pop; woah now
his pig breath slowed down
mo now; they pulled up and im already in the car now

far now; we've been in this chase since sun down
but thats just what went on in my mind at the time

realise; im already in the back
they have my lisenced gun that i kept inside my vest

and my cigarellos; i never even cut em
keep the sparks at my house cus its dumb to walk around with

but grounded; i kept my feet grounded
they rushed me for my hands as they yelled at me; pounded

beat with a buton; brutality game is strong
and im on the floor being hit for no reason; wrong

but grounded; i kept my feet grounded
they rushed me for my hands as they yelled at me; pounded

beat with a buton; brutality game is strong
and im on the floor being hit for no reason; wrong

[naseba naru]
Will be held in the court of law,
peddle back for pennies and more,
Straddle this, steal a ticket,
probably kick a poor.
right, is justice wrong.
He didn't even steal from the store,
Killing Hellen Keller blind with the noose,
I will not crouch to archaic law.
And the cuffs are always tight,
And the cuffs are always tight!
Like who are you boy,
you pounding the innocent or lesser than, full of shit,
then asking why they calling you pigs.
must be all in my head,
must be all in my head.
Pluck a body put it in the body bag please.
Perplex perspective on polyester sleeves stained, soaked in red,
on a youth fed up as I yell,
Lacking power in my hands.
polling for peace.
plastered the blocks, get out when the blue and white moves in.
Lacking power in my hands.
polling for peace.
plastered the blocks, get out when the blue and white moves in.
My eyes must be seeing things,
And all of the insufferable inhumane noise.
Maybe when my soul rots, I'll love when the man comes.
My heart in your hands, and you bawling you'll beat it.
Oh oldboy, oh old boy .
Water, gimme water.
Track Name: i literally want to die - Brenden Arias
the way i see it now
no face on my chevy with the boosters loud
no proud american to tell me what to do
cus i took all the wires and point em at you

reworked your joints to work my lace
take off my pants for christians sake
fuck me off and cheat with an animal
its not an overstatement when i say u drank danimals

sucked him off and couldnt get past the scar?
you lower than a cholo rider car
no breaks to put on age old tar
so i grab the pipe and fly to mars

see different shit that isnt you
cope with your loss with captain fumes
rather make capital vigil tombs
so you follow me down with richard too

always fuckin twistin what i say?
words from the mouth for you to play
but i really played yo trick ass
took all your time you bitch ass

yeah thats what i do
blast to the face for the other two
hundred fucking women that i took down
and i sound happy but im really im hurtin

ive been tryin to find my way
it doesnt matter

ive been sloopin hos
got my type a runny nose
whimsical tears for her fears
and she been chasin the wrong

motherfucker; always miss me
motherfucker; always list me
as her prime number factor
never leave a trace of laughter

cus she so damn serious
and makes me all delirious
cus ingestion of the drugs
and the lean cup to judge

all my selfs in my past
self hatred and sunday mass
how the fuck did god make me
if hes just so in the god damn in the future

man we never know
unless you realise fo'sho
that you tha god of your own life
but right now; im really burnin

ive been tryin to find my way
it doesnt matter
Track Name: tweet drake this shit nah jk its mine fuckers - Brenden Arias
The overdriven self respected brain fanatic at it again
With the knifes in his chest all over again
And the blood on the floor all over again;
I be fuckin' new bitches all over again
Due to depression and validation over again

Photo again; I take another image again
Put it in my fuckin' closet for the glistin' sins
That I commit when I'm drunk; nah fuck it when I'm high;
Nah fuck it when I'm fried; got an overdrive on my mind
Turns whack and broken but in tact

Cackin' cackle right into ya' throat
No float no; I give it the coco
And dream about days that I'm okay with the popo
No slo mo; got too much on the dome in the momento
Flow; I keep it for the bozos

It be lookin' hella' darker in the weeks I be sittin'
Always lookin' at the sky askin' why I be in it
I'll be fly when I'm in it; what I tell myself when I'm lookin' out to be in it
But I win it; definite; the highest; the wisest; a lie vest; fo tye crests;
Hoe; my rest
Zone my sex.
A get it; no reddit
A rapist; escapist
A fatest; the latex.

No now flow; got a new wound from the fuckin' show.
My family the worst when it comes to blows
So I ask the judge for the record does

I don't give a fuck if it happen on now; no proud
Cus a hole in the wall mean you clinically off the ball
So while I fall; better gather all the moments you loved me in the call

I been cut in the chest one too many times by the blood in the family; hit rewind
So I can retract my hand; history with abuse cus I get real mad,
I repent for my shit but it doesn't change shit
How they view me; how they gon explain this

How the fuck I gonna face my dad when I hit a fuckin woman in the face with my hand
No land; no plan no; fuckin' disgrace that it happened in the trap yo
I fuckin' care when they yap their flaps tho
So I better stay alone; I don't act yo

I stay alone in myself and ask the cars for the help
And they reject my type; oh well
I wasn't meant to love anyone else

And the whole world crashed when the word let out
That I went insane cus I hated all the felts
And the norms that the world has inflicted on us
It hurts my soul to live in this world
But I promised; I promised.
To keep myself alive.
I broke every other fuckin' one except for the ones to my girl
So I guess you could say I feel a little fucked;

Stop cryin' little bitch; you aint gon get anywhere else
What the fuck are you doing
Put that gun down motherfucker; that isn't what this shit about

fuckno fuckno
Track Name: Red Rubber Ball - Anonymous Arias (Prod. Big Boss Balto)
Today's a nice day to be alive;
Going through the list of my archaeological finds.
Searching through my mind only because I'm not feelin' fine.
All the signs pointing to the end of the mine.

That there's no more gold or diamond binds
But my mind refuses to believe it's the end;
Grab the pen and hack some more at the wall;
Strike a little silver and a tiny ball.

Rubber, red, bouncy and dead.
Lost it's bounce and meds to be full of zest
But no one's played with it in years;
Maybe if I give it a beer or lube it up with Goodyear's signature greese,

It's waiting for the cock-tease of a lifetime,
Waiting for a bite of food; waiting to be in the include.
But it didn't even make to the interlude.
She left this ball; traded it for fame.

If this is her old house then it can't be tamed.
She was the bane; of this ball's existence but also the apitimy of this ball's number list.

Bouncing the days on the rock with a nice hit.
But pretty soon; it was bit by the dog; looked dead by a log.
Rolled over to the cave, it falls down,
Now we're standing here; but the story isn't clear.

If the girl is near than it's just in the cave
While she lays outside waiting for it to come back and trace.

There was never any fame; this was all a game.
Mind tricks of two sides not communicating on the same

Levels but there was several chances to explain,
But the ball can't explain now since it isn't sane.
Trained to keep quiet; forced to be silent.
Story of the girl's life so she made friends with the rubber,

Got fucked hard; she lost it and ate the gutter.
Bitter taste; minister blames it on us,
Connected from hearts but their religion tore them apart.
But defy God; don't let him play
your heart.

It's easy when you're an angel to say that
But I was rogue; I created my own path.
Not permitted to bounce like this red rubber ball

But I punched him in the face and ran away.

God sent his troops; I had to fight them off.
Bought my wings off a dealer and then went Lara Croft.
Two pistols in one and three fingers pulling the triggers,
I didn't aim to assassinate the living but the dead,

Shot fellows in the face to gain my indepence
And thats when God let me believe my own ways.
Some say I was on the news; some say lost a clue.
Some say I gave up and stopped the glue.

Some say I sued to Father; some say I was deemed a bother.
But truth it; I was slaughtered at my own hands
By a band of duplicates of myself; I lost the mental health.
Brain cells gone; I'm not strong enough for the bong,

But I'm scared enough to write you a song
Instead of wasting my time with taking off panties.
Better start the sanity.
Track Name: Heart Shaped Clouds (Prod. Nujabes) (CoProd. The Weekenders) - Dat Crew
here goes nothing i guess
starts wit a deep breath
and takes me straight to the edge
this could end in one step

but im really hopin you can catch
im glad i met you
and ill gladly let you let me fall
girl youre so awesome and perfect

always worth it; feelings exceed the surface
youre a beautiful person; not to mention that youre out of my league
like honestly; whatre you doing with me?
hah; yeah im funny; i still got it

and you got me in your pocket
started loving you and couldnt stop it
damn this beat is funky
sippin sunny d and feelin lovely

other bitches disgust me;
the meaning is less than nothing
it goes way deeper than jus fucking

thats jus all in the past
sittin in the back of math class
starin at asses and pass on the other side of the glass
yeah fuck that

i wanna kiss you when i hold your hand
but you look like a lady cus thats what makes me a man
no we didnt stick to the plan but im fuckin tryin

so it through it so i wont do it
imma stay true to dis
and im done bein stupid
so baby keep it fresh n new n movin and we'll never have to get used to shit

aint nobody tell us how it is

this as great as we should be and as free as it gets
you know i get you so wet
know that youre the fuckin best
and you get my utmost respect


if you want it on the down low
im layin on the ground blowin heart shaped clouds

i jus hope that you stay
and i dont mean to understate
ive been a bad person
takin risks when it wasnt worth it


but i get better in every one of these verses
while physically getting worse
and ive never been more hurt
and it works

better grind hard for that money motherfucker
relax; wipe the dirt off your shoulder
soldier arm drop bombs when i write songs

and the beat goes on and on and on
id sing along but
ive been awake
48 hours straight

[brenden arias]
Six years; three fourths a decade,
I catch your heart like a speeded lucky chess play,
But I'm wrong; it's your move now,
What you feel is how you feel the crowd.
You feel it loud; indirect in my sounds now.

I only miss you 'cause I kiss you,
The true wings I never earned,
Popped by berserk; get in my way and make the street skirch.

I'm poppin' cigarettes now,
Tobacco flavoured candy for the sweet lips now.
The ground shift; a mound shift; I see your face it's timeless.

My heart explode,
To stupid rap songs that can be disguised as poems.
Sappy shit; this that Nick and Nora happy shit.

I'm sorta lit; I'm on my grind and it's for your kids,
Our kids; the ones I dream at night, dig?
Bid; I bid my soul to you,
You own every inch of this body that's beside to you.

Your name; a holy crux.
And a kid at a lunch,
I hope I sit with you year,
Instead of passin' 40s that transform to beers.

You my clique; I grab your lift,
To resemble what you wanted;
All I wanna do is August
And hold your hand,

'Cause I'm the man,
Or you the man.
You really there when motherfuckin' shit hits the fan.

My life is crazy,
Your the only constant baby.

To the ocean to my rocket;
To cigarettes in pockets.

I know you hate that I do this shit,
But I dropped it; ain't no 5th off the rum again.
But you always seem to ask me how I really feel,
So I thought the Bes could help me with this bill.

I know I'm barely there but you need to know,
That the doors are always open to my home,
The bed is always lacking one body count,
Even when friends are over at my house;
I'm always fuckin' crazy about my lyrics; they go so loud.

Don't worry; don't worry,
Imma' wait til' the skies past 30.
'Cause then the stars will shine in your eyes and your direction;
The infection that you gave me is as annoying as detection.

Addiction; what I have to you,
I can be sufficient but I rather be with you.
It's just corny shit that I do,
Hit the booze,

'Cause you're not here to night,
But instead; I poured it in the sink for your delight.
Never ask me how it is,
'Cause it only fits your stupid playlist litch.

Pass the love,
Give it up,
Me and you are ready for this bliss girl.
Track Name: i was never a man and anne made me realise this - Brenden Arias
she calls me at the sunrise
feel her beatin on my heart to let the blood dry
catch my cold cries
in my cold fears
mourning all emotions until the suds veer

off to the left
i let the needle drop
put me on my crest until i feel the love stop
but it never will
i got the super faith
stone commandments we filed engraved on our plates

into the waves
i hold onto your hand
people bustlin by with times so high
in they palms with they cancer sticks so strong
fumes into nostrils; i take it as a complimont

when i see you; let the blood stop
when i see you; let the love start
Track Name: sadistic natures - Brenden Arias
and it goes on
to break of dawn
watchin fireworks in skies like its mad sun

all love in my system when its bad strums
play soul on the guitar with a hacked lung

and im coughin up my blood but its okay
got an aversion to cancer with my whole traits

no say no cop another flip
the blue inside soul is the antidote to lips

lips i never touched
cus the sun dried
girl i never fucked
cus the stars find

another person to put their torture on
always burnin in space at december prom

long before i found out that she wasnt the one
so i moved on and copped another run
no i copped another hun
no i copped another hun

and i was lost
i was gonna find
gonna find where i was
where i was the other day
the other day

i never once thought it was used to
my abuse but i stabbed it with a tooth fold
been way too low
and indirect as i cannot go
i wanna go home

i been washed since day one
i been sucked on hells throne

I keep fuckin' up; and I'm losing all the trust.
I'm losing myself to drugs and other busts.
The main thing; is the wedding ring.
The one on my moms finger from shitty other person on the finger

Thats connected to and lingers in my family and singers
That I fuckin' see when I'm at the side of a deener
And it's cleaner; my act is way better.
From four fuckin' years ago when I bashed meaners

And Tweeters for being beaters on video cheaters
Because I was fucked up and used women for shit,
But we all there; we all get dead.
It's up to us to try and get away from our head.

We're all a dying breed,
And we're not gonna make it.
If we sittin' on Tumblr and trying to fake it
With all our problems,

Cause maybe we are one,
We got so many it's affected our stardom

and i was lost
i was gonna find
gonna find where i was
where i was the other day
the other day

i never once thought it was used to
my abuse but i stabbed it with a tooth fold
been way too low
and indirect as i cannot go
i wanna go home