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M(X)DCXCVI forever belong to my soul;


released January 29, 2016

Songs produced by Brenden Arias: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21
Songs produced by t.king: 7
Songs produced by Derek Kenton: 20

Derek Kenton: soundcloud.com/jdgaf-balto
DeAnne Jello: deannejello.tumblr.com
Naseba Naru: soundcloud.com/naseba_naru
t.king: soundcloud.com/tbykng
ivan: soundcloud.com/lushhhhh
sUP3Rm0TH: soundcloud.com/sUP3Rm0TH

Cover Art & PDF Book by: DeAnne Jello

Mixed by: sUP3Rm0TH
Mastered by: JD Johnson

Shoutout to Radical Rob for the slick voice.

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Track Name: I Breathed In The Sunlight
"i breathed in the sunlight and honestly it tasted like shit but like drugs it made me feel good but unlike drugs it wasnt an optional supplement for feeling nice so fuck it gimme this sun bitch"
i see my imageries blow up whats into me;
get up on my light and show up the intimacy
glimmering; its all you see upon entering
the gold encrusted mind from bowls of a to z

my seed to me is the glimpse of a hindering
step child from the lost and found of a kindling
mother who was broke; a father with no chance
but now i hug em both when I prance across the sands

the dunes of my mind; i surf em under shine
the real people that i connect with on a dime
shout out to my uncle; respect to my pops
and all the coke-addicted muthafuckers who love rocks

cause i advocate living for what you want
even if it's self destructive codes from a song
whatever you may need; you better live it out
cause moshpitting and hard drugs are the ground

but you can only go higher; even if its upside down
all the way to hell; to styx and back rounds
and jet ski cross the blood infested ocean of dis
the ristocratted areas of my mind is a tooth pick

that i stab in myself to tell all the angels
that i am strong enough to get by without a halo
i dont need to be good; i was born the way i should
so i better hear god beggin for the crown i took

but even if i dont; that just means all acceptance
of my ideals and my soul body undressed and
it was all from a naked chick; a damsel sent from the heavens gate
i should feel the fate
Track Name: I Am The Power That Speaks
my fuckin hoes; theyre belated but ready for the fuckin show
walkin through the door; baked; crisp to toes
roaches in they pockets cus they smoked a load

but it in the end; no coppin xans
its time to make a plan thats short a man
cant take us high; need another guy
that abandoned me at the end of sober high

so i turned to jack and it was in fact
another experience that i wrote down for tacks
ticky-flacks; no back and forth
just unexpected texts about the courts

b4.da.cash; not even wax
could take away the pain of losin my old dad
so i turned to blacks; rolled a couple fats
and through em cross the river like a contraband

then he came back; made a new catch
so now im in the house makin new tracks
tryna write my life; make the old despise
what the fuck does it mean to be 96 prize

im jobless
still cant afford my car; its honest
but i cant leave the house cus i hate outside
what the fuck does it mean to be 96 right

what the fuck does it mean to be 96 right

my fuckin hoes; they be on speed dial waitin for my phone
so we can make amends and pop some cans
in the end of a two seat wrangler sedan

born with a light that cant be seen
but when im in the dark i glow as it seems
pop a molley never busted a shotty
but i get aisan pussy like the fish market prolly

lookin at me, you probably see my steez
and american apparel underwear in my sink
cause i gotta hide my drugs in case she finds
or shove em down the sink where they cant be signed

im gonna sigh em up; put em in my throat so i get high as fuck
see another world so i cant touch the rough
avoid all my problems cus i need the extra crust

born with a fight between my mom and pops
who wanted custody but my mom refused cocks
so i was conflicted; got a buncha girl interests
and spent the mornings fapping to my soaring sinstress

sasha grey; pornstar addict since i was eight
kayden kross; taught me how to fuck like i was lost
jennifer white; told me what a titfuck was despite
all to me; fucked on levels before a teen
Track Name: Hood Talk (Dress Right)
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Got the nice shoes and all the rest right
Cigarette in my hand cus the taste right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right

Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Cus i dress right
Cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right

cus i dress right
cus i dress right
cus i dress right

cus i dress right
cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right

its seems a G cant be walkin down the street
wearin nice clothes for pedestrians to see
puffin on a C; aint got no weed
but we still spotted on cus we look hella clean

got the snap back on my waist like a T
nike swankin shoes with the purple underneath
and the stussy shirt that i copped in LV
what the fuck does it mean if im gettin dipped; scene

but ay they lookin and thats pretty cool;
always point of interest for fuzz at school
fuck the kid who doesnt look like he showers
theyd rather go after the kid whos pink powdered

to the face rims; to my gold chain
i stay on that rokit lifestyle all days
like its vaycay; like im on a date
but im jus coppin some papers from the teach bae

but im dropped now so i feel sorta free
no dress conduct to fuck wit my steez
school wasnt for me so i copped a couple amps
started making music as a hobby next to dance

also picked up cigs cus i was sorta stressed
but now i like the taste and no fuckheads on my crest
no one to ask me why i smell bad;
i aint lyin to you about why i inhale ash

Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Got the nice shoes and all the rest right
Cigarette in my hand cus the taste right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right

Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Cus i dress right
Cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right

cus i dress right
cus i dress right
cus i dress right

cus i dress right
cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right

no sway on my hood; i be walkin down the mall
wit a cig in my mouth and some purple draws
no laws; no probable cause
society has trained us that we are the prob

jus because we like to dress nice;
its our fault for being assumed for a fuckin dyke?
no like; fuck your facebook status
i dont agree with this shit; throw it in the back end

imma crisp how i want cause the way i flaunt;
fuck everyones opinions; thats the real maunt-
tra; its what we chant
put them hands up when you feel the stance

Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Got the nice shoes and all the rest right
Cigarette in my hand cus the taste right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right

Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Cus i dress right
Cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right

cus i dress right
cus i dress right
cus i dress right

cus i dress right
cus i dress right
Im a muthafuckin hoodlum cus i dress right
Track Name: Kick It(, Bitch!)
bang the drums
get the loud pack
soundtrack to my life;
its so in tact

thats a lie; baby dont cry
im goin hard on this beat so why
oh you think; i wont make it?
even tho i am so fuckin stainless?

god im sorry for going after my dreams
maybe i should just put another song on soundbeach
let the fuckin people put the bee sting
in the middle of our wedding ring

i mean finger cus its sorta in the middle
its what i flip to the engines at dinner
eat my steak; flip em off
fuck the wannabes; im solar croft

maybe lost; i dropped outta school
did a lot of drugs and oh now im cool
but people support; so fuck the norm
ill do what i want so court ajourned

grab the 40 and zone all out
call me in the morning bruh

all lucid; baby dont two step
i aint fuckin dancin to the new yet
but the new age; got me yo ill flip page
and drop bombs like fire in aisan orange wedding attire

no tire; i pop em in the light of day
fuck a cop in a uniform; what he say
he jus tryna keep the peace and that cool
but i follow trash talk so anarchy rules

clueless to my fusion of styles from across the world
yo i never seen any file
no tile that you can slip on but i got the wet sign there so you trip on

kick it over; burn the flag
black lagoon yakuza in my sand
on my beach all day with a blunt
cus the stress is buildin up like a hunt

almost there; rifle aimed up
deer in my site; shoot him in the crutch
cause him pain and watch him bleed
cant get up now; his soul is free
Track Name: Against All Odds
fuck a rick james when i came almight
into the crevice of a soul all night
fuck a new pretty then i fuck er on skype
meet her in the banks then i kill it on sight

no threatz that i take from theez hoes
they cant fuck wit me on my rokit old stones
the lows of my chalice that i boast on my load
a shit talk on my limp lock from my pimp walk

no wimp talk; i keep the snipin to a minimal
old quick scopes are my pinnacle
the list of a centrefold

i write the coke lines in the middle of a mic
in my snow lies another duke on white
on flight that i shoot em with my wife
married to the pistol and my mused dyke

no move types; i keep the pokemon on my side
throw the poke ball to the rise
have it jump on in to the like

on my side; its always over if you say it all
the truth aint liked unless its baller talls
no wallet falls; just pure fights on my phone calls

my view is blocked
by the cops
by my house
stakin out
lookin at me
for being affiliated with mtv

its stupid how im lucid and im judged for smokin two cigs
while i wait for my fuckin car and for my friends to get me by the mart

all i do is watch anime and get high for my stoney days
i shoutout and i prance around and tell everyone how cool i sound

on the beat cus i reach when i preach
and they ask me how i feel when i spit a line for the teach
cus they had us write poetry

so i rapped infront of the class
i shook to terror
mr. berge told me that i was rarer student kind in his grasp

but i didnt stay very fuckin long
i shortly resorted to the bong
tripped out and i saw my life
i could never recreate such a kite
Track Name: Questlove U Not In The House
im lookin at myself in the mirror
wanna fuck off this whole planet cus this shit isnt queer
i beer; i sip a pain away into another j
and then i look into my dropout self for another way

to fix my life; its real fucked up on the other curb
i dont smoke for the freedom; i only puff the herb
maybe some spirit to mix it up a little bit
never get off my fuckin ass cus im a little bitch

emo bastard; i call this shit disaster
cus i grew up without a family to truly cling on
even if they there; they jus fuckin sit and stare
like im a monkey lookin for the rare cheat codes

free throw; i used to b-ball with my dad
now we barely have time to play games with a drag
i take another bong hit,
lose my fuckin mind; theyll never find my shit.

you never catch me
no no
you never catch me

you never catch me
no no
you never catch me

leavin trails in snow snow
you never track me

no no
you never track me
no no
you never back me

keepin blindfolds on tho
you never see me

keep my projects on low
you never hear me

keepin frost wind blow
i never thaw me

no no
you never thaw me
no no
you never saw me

grab my mavericks and stuff them in the cateracks
the sarcophagus of my mind is a tinted bitch
gold to the trim; indigo on a whim
with christiphor rowley askin what my pleasure model is

i take the one on the left and take her to the back
ask her how it feels to be a coked up fuckin mess
as temptin as usin a hooker may sound;
i should probably stick to the woman on my main ground

but its temptin; you cant deny that
50 gold roses for a blowjob at that
but i cant even afford the next cig pack
so why the fuck am i considerin usin a hussy rat

big city girls be the scrapping prettiest
in they high heels; ziner fuckin needleists
but the scenic route; im takin the hard path
so maybe i should pick up meth and start the real relapse
Track Name: I Love You (feat. Radical Rob & Derek Kenton)
[radical rob]

[derek kenton]

[brenden arias]
i roll the dice; get my face right
on that fuckin rokit lifestyle; blank fights
shootin off banks; we get the money
fuck drug dealin even if it make the honey

i sun bathe in the hamas of a tama
in the back of a tahoe; i stay cunning
i fuck the girls in back; maybe make some trax
but nothin as swag as mcrythmns was in super gats

its real pyramids; i see em better now
im mega in touch with that spiritual lifestyle
its a bite while; it can catch to me
but im livin in the moment so fuck these 3rd degrees

that imma get when i get real older
lung cancer from the weed and the cigs; boulder
than my friends; they will ever be
stay worried on their twitter lookin at me

but its more or less how i look at the world
whether its from birds eye or power puff girls
eitherway; im a super man, maybe superhuman
just all that confidence that i gained from doing few-ems

its that sailor moon-em; that post modern shit
i do it well; puff a pall cig
if you need me; ill be in the back
readin strawberry panic to all these dope tracks
Track Name: From Hokkaido W/ Love (Part 1/4: Puppy Love)
virgo lines; they come up at the meeting point
at the edge of kokoro no oawari from eastern point
cease the joint and the sparking for just a second
respectful and delightful two verbs from southern messes

a crescent; a dark side of the moon,
was taken from the ballad of noko genki desu that looms
tombs; its what our ai was in,
and we just picked it up but always throw it another sin.

pack up all my pharcyde and take it to the bar side
law side; fatal attraction to hidari side
lies; its what i built it on,
put the blossom that was cherry was too good to keep it long

but after years; heisei 20 to 26.
it was clear; that my life was on a Shinkansen
call me up bren; thats all her vibes gave to me,
but the phone never made it past Dai san-do

no bud dro; i havent hi no raito;
a fight tho; a train to hokkaido
kind foe; her visions made me right low.
light flow;

she think of all the signs froze;
i never even made it blow
as much as people let it go
with lovers to the other pole

i dont seem to let it cold
i keep the heaters to my fold
next to the pocket
next to all my single loads

bode; its where i wish she was
the sun; its where were burning up
it's what our eye was on;
but the block was put on roads just blocked us from

but now im seeing different life;
im smelling all the smoke tonight
and tales sitting by my side
to tell the kids that theyre right

if they ever find love
ill jus tell em to use us as an example;
say what
Track Name: I Miss You (Part 2/4: "What hurts the most is that you're gone")
I been holdin' all my motions like they crystal clear,
Bren Den fuckin' sad; he's chuggin' on a-seven beers.
Letters clear; he can put the shit into words,
Asthmatic young fuck writing simple fuckin' verbs.

Like kiss and pinch cause that's all he wanna do,
A green eyed woman who took his fuckin' two.
The left to his right; he never seemed alright.
Unless it was fair; the simple garden that was flight.

He thought a harem would work,
But the dream only faded and so did the work.
All the plans he had put into it,
It made puking up cigs more fit.

He's been numbing for a few months now
So life has been nothing but hard drugs and loose blunts.
He dropped his weed and now he can't roll it,
He got some wax on his Stussy fine Rolex.

He shouldn't be livin' this way,
Because the happiness that gave him the love just fades.

Can I call you tonight,
Or ask if my anointed free will is alright?
Can I ask for my heart,
Or are you gonna refuse and say it's your part?
I don't mind if you do,
But if you're gonna keep my heart; then keep me too.
I'm sorry to my left side,
Man; I'm fuckin' sorry to my left side.

It all started in about 7th grade;
At least for her; I was chugging an 8th in my case.
Smoking on the cabbage; wasn't into that yet
But I turned to that when I wanted to impress a bitch

But aside the point; the boy was an unstable mess,
Part of the lonely hearts club for stable vets.
Took another pill then another after that,
Weekly fuckin' visits to the clinic for relapse.

I hat; I hit hat to the curb,
Ch ch ch ch changing all the nouns and the verbs.
At one point; I couldn't describe this,
Was at a loss of words for these conglomerates.

But cigarettes;
They helped me open minds,
The puking of my world came to realise,
That I'm not the only one,

Putting all the work in,
But that it's a joint effort;
Track Name: Perpetual Window (Part 3/4: "Got an ice maker for a heart")
I sit inside my igloo and I'm fuckin' cold. x3
So spark up the bong; I'm ready to go.
Get super high; yo fuck the emos.

i got a whisper to the heart;
it puffs a cigar;
it asks how much im gonna be smokin and i say
until i melt this ice away

cus she asked how i felt
i didnt let her down
instead of doin shit;
i jus took off her crowne

made her lose her mind
lose all the time
wasting on me;
i enjoyed the speech

but if im asked how i wanna go about this
then i might just go and uhh smoke a tooth pick
i dont give a fuck about anyones feelings
thats just my tsundere self wanting appealing

to the mass appeal; this shit is real
all see is emo drags actin kill
like the world is dead; dont shock the head
real bastards actin like the red

red dead redemption; play all day
fuck suspension; i ditch this place
and go home to hide away
inside my igloo; im rape

I sit inside my igloo and I'm fuckin' cold. x3
So spark up the bong; I'm ready to go.
Get super high; yo fuck the emos.

i got weed days and i stay amazed
at the things that i do when im stoned
my concious; transluscent and outta control
never meet a face that ready when the sky goes clear
more fire more near; more fire fly tears

my tear gas cause whiplash
and and the opposite of ice caps
cus the right wrap for this blunt
is the one thatll burn cunts

take the panties off my personal life
and fuck it hard; with its despite
i go with fright into the night

I sit inside my igloo and I'm fuckin' cold. x3
So spark up the bong; I'm ready to go.
Get super high; yo fuck the emos.
Track Name: Close Enuf Anne Close Enuf (Part 4/4: Congratulations, you're single!)
:) :) :) :) :)
Track Name: 365 Rapes a Second
they wanna fuck with my person
no pleasurties for certain
no bees in my knees for pursin
no cursin to my burstin out

no doubt that ill make it in the sky
wings on my back soarin over kites
no rites to my czech that i needa over ride
dropout motherfuckers need no rise

no rise no rise no rise
needa smoke in my 8th
and i get no ties

so when they follow me down
imma land on my face
and get no crown

no kings are followin here to go
they know ill crash and burn to slow
slow crisp burn to cop my term
they wanna hop on me and my perm

but it dont matter no no no
its just the way that i go
no college education station
that imma fallback on when im grown

its just all fuckin dead to me
jobs are my probs that get to me
i dont wanna do shit with my new leads
just sit on my ass and sample these

rape knees

the man of a person was polished til he make a scursion
perfect aversion to all the pretty bitches squirmin
under his hand; he held em with one taste on his gland
cock in her mouth; tellin her he'll bust when she shouts

mufflin now; hes holdin her straight down
body pressed against her from behind with her ass out
lickin on her nape as he goes to commit rape now
its more than a fetish but fuck it he can see now

oh my god hes got his dick shoved in her lodge
holdin on pause; he busted in her brush and her jaw
gettin her pregnant; avoidin all the sedatives
middle of the hallway; this bitch lays cold dead

stabbed in the neck; holy trinity called to the vet
act of god; another man insane from pods
claimed the facts; he fucked her right down to the tracks
where her man held her down; kissed her rack

funny perspective how violence is and sex is a weapon
massive of pleasures is being used against to the techin
aimed at the victim; only to be listened by rectums
they only never heard why i was here tho

it was the slow burn that brought me tho
all the knee bitches that made my case load
onto my desk; it was so stressful seeing the mess
bloodied men outside; came to attest

we arrested them; put them behind bars
i dont no condone rape but it helps to spit bars
cus i have the power to move a nation; give em all flowers
the note on this one? never be a victim of power
Track Name: Shikō
I used to think about marriage; thoughts put aside for this girl.
But now I'm too high to even give a fuck about the world.
It's all in my hand cus I'm a dropout sucka';
No bucks to even put on my name; it's a hustle

So I lay back in my coop; writin' all this mister Dos and don'ts;
College won't give a fuck about the way I roll
Cus the way I roll ain't the way you do;
I'm droppin' all these bombs here so middle fingers to society

Call my lie-ity and say it's all done; fuck the fun.
eternal summer in a hummer under the beach and
i quit the smoke cus its pimpin and lifted
off my shoulder; get the rover

drive straight down to the creak
and drown yourself in the bleak
old water; call it potter
hit the lotter; maybe score an otter

but a jaguars cool; get the jet fuel
get the fuck outta my sight
i achieve the light of a higher concious and delight
so while you fucks are doing jobs in the office

i be sippin mohitos in the middle of august

on my crop dust.

i hate my fuckin self on the end
on the low cus i dont want anyone to know
but now its time that people do
because mad be askin whats wrong
and im just writin these songs
about my stupid fuckin problems i should probably talk about them
but i really dont fuckin care

about myself
about any mutha fuckin thing
Track Name: The Departure Of Stony Wall Jackson (feat. DeAnne Jello)
"the departure of stony wall jackson that i was sought to protect but failed to do so so here i stand on this roof looking out into the sunset wondering what did i ever do to deserve such a mess"
[brenden arias]
lone ninja; playin all these games
only fuck girls he meets on the way
no ways to stay or bring love home
cause hes always out makin all the blood flow

out the arms of other adversaries
always looking at itineraries
no faries to help him now;
hes stuck up on the roof tryna figure it out

blown to the loud now; cant feel the sound now
bump to the crown now; take off my town now
born to the light now; bring out the drums now
stings to the red snow; turn my fucking sound up

no round up of these emotions; burned into my face like costic flows and
no poison to put in my food; cause i always lost what i gained to the mood

what i gained to the mood

c average student tryna take on life
whats right in this fuckin place tonight
it defines blow; it defines moe;
moe money moe problems in the 5-0

but not when youre broke on tylo
stealin beers from your parents in the 5 morn
tryna get drunk on a sixty buck home
you dont pay rent but its good to flylo

ive been compared many rappers in the trapper
of a hacker of a man in saudi a lacker
place to live; just like my life,
im over with

all the women; all the lames,
only fuck with radicals; can you hear me?
im tryna break in the soundwaves;
maybe the people will hear me if i speak sane

can you hear this? can you hear me now?
does the slash of my sword mean something now?
i dont even give a fuck if you hate it;
just that you notice that im in this

gimme a drum now and maybe you will notice that im in this wild,
i got my gun cocked; ready
aimed at your heart; whole stance steady

[deanne jello]
can you hear me now,
or is the static still a little too loud?
this time im on my own,
screaming out alone!

can you hear me now,
or is the static still a little too loud?
can you hear me now?

hes tryna find a way and its outta control
running in the snow with no igloo to go
but im standing right here (yeeeaaaaahhhhhh)
arms wide open (baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddd)

it only went down on the isicles
the tv tropes seen through the stone globes
and i need him (baaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd)
holding onto the wheel (yeeeeeeeeeaaaahhhhh)

but i have hope for where hes gone
hes seen the whole world through a glass gong
but it doesnt matter

cus hes seen the whole world
Track Name: I Was A Man But Then I Found Anne
i was a man fore i balled up and i shot myself
aimed directly at my heart of what my candy felt
more perception and inflections of other weapons
its the sex that i felt when i was misdrectioned

didnt even know what her face even look like
was a mystery to myself and my mused dyke
but i didnt care; touched her face despite despair
she was datin my best friend it was risky hair

do i really wanna get in this with my chick?
i got the world at my hands, and my paul cigs
i could drop it all and fuckin shatter it
is it worth it throw away for mavericks?

the menthol calmin my throat when i need it
im so against cheating; but i need this
i need to tear apart my ways and my challenge
so i could get what i want despite the normal fallecs

i promise you that you have my fuckin whole life
its the last time ill be searchin for a new light
cause i need this and i need you and im finished
but not until we pass upon aisles of greenland

i love my girl but do i love her too much
feels like i cant live without her touch
and thats the way that im lookin at the drugs i see
its more fiendish than sweet toothes for the babies

but i revel and i think about my past choices
i deserve a bit of happiness for my voyage
so fuck it shes my fuckin soulmate
i fought for this bitch; leave a note at the gate

three years ago i was an asshole
but i was so ready i considered a clan bow
no flow was going in my cup
saliva down my throat was meaningless as fuck

no brush to put in my hair
cus i dont even care if she looks at my rare
cus bare; i bared it for 5 years
she was a hoe at the end of it; my tears my fears

that i put in a palace on a chalice
so all women could know what they were gettin into
didnt wanna lead anyone fuckin on
but its hard not to when you like to rip thongs

im gone; i dont do it no moe
but way i found a woman is probably better than finding for
the foes that i have achieved over all these years
now get their spotlight on my coffee beers

raps that i made with my clears
its crystal as the light inside her black ears
behind her black hair in pigtails so based
i could have a heart attack lookin at her face

and i faced my real self in the mirror
so fuckin cliche but i keep it real here
so i hope you hear this whenever you wake up
cus i made this for your itunes when it drops;
ill see you at lunch
Track Name: Real Talk (feat. Naseba Naru)
[brenden arias]

[naseba naru]
I hype for pace,
I pause for space,
I kill the complacent inside of it's place,
and I puff my bags, my lungs, my chalice,
finding more fallicies outside my palace,
I feeling real solid now,
no more falling down,
only coming up,
come in tune with my mind,
and feel just fine,
that no one understands what breeds behind the grapevine ,
Send me out well and I'm hell in the cell,
Comfort the curious,
and make sure the music fits,
I know what I am about,
I'm where my soul is,
I canvas out the whole bizz,
a felon for fun that's feeling just fine,
so if you ain't feelin me don't come around this time,
I killing my skeletons,
learning well from them,
tragic output from losses,
but I feel much better ,
so I can faucet all the bad vibes ,
I block your shit out,
I'm fine inside,
No more nausea,
I clock the signs ,
to fit my woes,
and hit my lows up,
I'm where I need to be ,
I see a single sea,
inhaling a good atmosphere ,
and forgetting shit that promotes fear.
Track Name: Transpoarent
fifteen hours in my bank row;
got a new face in my case load
bein pestered for a job from home
when all i wanna do is fuck moe

wrong but i stay in my seat
lookin at all my souls weep
lazy motherfucker from my town
mexican expected to lift ground

i aint no meta-forcis
scum from tumblrs fandom
always asking for ransom
in little messages to stratum

but they never gonna find me
always gotta light another pine leaf
get lyric high when im whiney
life sucks when im trying

to ween off cigs
be clean of my clique
fuck all the drugs and smugs
i inhale through zips

but when im asked
how the fuck i be
i never last
always cum for me

and they always gon worry
and they always gon find
where the fuck i be
in the underwater creep

i got my squad
and my friends
always got my back
times trust by ten
i dont leave the house
depressed as fuck with no mouth
its why i never answer the texts askin about my bouts

cus my bouts involve alcohol
and thugs; no hugs
just all day skypin with my love
while i tug

but aside the point; i dont go outside
cus the darkness in my shadows feels more like a kite
i spread my wings on this shit
with no hold backs; too close for comfort
fuck that

no one gets close to me
cus i dont let em near my keys
or on my hips in my heed

but the powers that b
keep me here
in my head
always chug my beers

its the normal american
i dont give a fuck who disapproves

im already dropped out
i dont got nothin now
jus all my fam
and two buds

the rest are useless
whos gone
whos whos
goose gone
Track Name: Overture III: The Trap
Track Name: Elevator Music (w/ guitar by Derek Kenton)
i view my integrity strong when it comes
out the box ready; imma beast when it strums
on that bass guitar; the keys and the bars
that i spit when im aching to break the charts

off the rap label; ill pull up when im stable
makin all these decisions for myself when im able
to pick up a gun; its not a lot a fun
thinkin you wont you make it to the age of 47 tons

years on this earth; i spend it careless
poppin ls tabs on the weekend with derek
makin music thatll probably never surface; airless
trail less; but my friends believe i can bare it

to take on the challenges of makin it big
blue harvest sorta flopped but it was my bitch
i owned on the lyrics; i made it all right
with help from the pops and support from the rights

support from the lights that i see when i look up
aint a jesus follower but i remain hooked up
to the world around me; trees and groves astounding
amounting to all the little reasons im pounding

onto my chest; i scream at the best
when i look at myself in the mirror on the crest
the soul imprinted symbol on my birthday
everything changed when i turned 18

but it doesnt matter; i need to move forward
all these exes and majesticies need to move foreward
i cant stay in the same place for too long
so dont promise forever cus we die young

cause we die young x3
so dont promise forever cus we die young

but since we die young we might as well take a stand
to be the biggest we can be; why stop in the sand
why stop in your tracks when you could go onward
into the sunset with the bees and drinks; honoured

to be in your presence; youre such a livin god
but only if you make the choice to do the pimp walk
and take all the chances and always seize the day
put your fist up and give yourself a grace

i put my face down and i say this prayer
that i will be the best that the world will ever stare
when im in the lime light takin all the glare
all the flash photographys will grin at me; rare.

i will never impersonate anybody else
im a young lord and i live for myself
i do my best interest; and if it isnt you
dont be offended; im jus livin for the truth

dont be offended; im jus livin for the truth x3
i do my best interest; and if it isnt you
dont be offended; im jus livin for the truth
Track Name: My Crystalised Love REMIX (feat. Derek Kenton)
[brenden arias]
Electric ego shock over summer prevails;
Finding all the time in the world stands still.

When I think of you; my heart just goes above,
A lover maniac who was shook by the buzz.

Cause I know; I need; distanced family.
I know; you need; a pain that is so deep.
I know; I need; another way to see.
I know; you need; the remedy.

Runaway still lifes across the clouds above,
Tricking my own mind to see it was sun.

When I see you; my ego shatters.
And you're left with only me; my soul that really matters

Cause' I know; I need; false pretentious leads.
I know; you need; hardships and defeat.
I know; I need; your abilities.
I know; you need; time to sort your fleet.

Because before you let the fires go into skies above,
You wanna be sure that your systems in trust.

When I talk to you; my words just soar and fly
Cause' I know my real self when you are by

But when you aren't near; I can still survive
But a warmness in my heart seems to be rised

Cause' I know; I need; love and comforting.
I know; you need; soft and planted trees.
I know; I need; gorgeous growing leaves.
I know; you need; the analog machine.

And even though it hurts when you like to test yourself,
I like to see your try and achieve your inner wealth.

[derek kenton]
and ill be tellin you that im already
on the move
on the move
and ill be tellin you that im already
on the move
on the move
and ill be waiting and then i will regret and then i will admit
that all i wanna do
all i wanna do is be with you

[brenden arias]
no says on my cus; a poetry from the heart with my pen stabbed cuts
from frustration; crustation; and other lations
promisin forever to all these emotioned women
but the only time i mean it is when im with you

because my love for you; its stagnent
it doesnt just drop and have its own funeral
it stays; unlike me and you,
our relationship is pretty weird and its been told in a few

few different ways; i have a couple says
shouts and songs about our delay
and i know i keep pushin our deadline
but ill be there in the end gimme a second to shine

all rynestones on the back of my eye,
keep a world eye view pointed at your life
even when im with other people; its a crime

that i care so much about your safety on the dime
they always askin who im stalkin on my phone at times
cus in the middle of dates; i wanna know who youre with
just to make sure it aint anyone stealin my

i still consider you my muthafuckin litch
king to my life; onto the price
that ive set on your heart; i still dont have the ride
but im workin everyday to get it on my grind

[derek kenton]
and ill be tellin you that im already
on the move
on the move
and ill be tellin you that im already
on the move
on the move
and ill be waiting and then i will regret and then i will admit
that all i wanna do
all i wanna do is be with you
god dammit
Track Name: Lonely Nights I Spend Alone (The Rapture)
the long felt rode to higher conciousness was a path that i took
detached myself from all things human; only lookin at myself in the mirror
looked at love; found the bud; made it sprout; relationship strong;
got the power; picked the flower; they all lookin at me now cus i did it wired

unhooked the fields of the mines splattering all in my life
takin every new step with a newer bold strife
standin up to social normalties is what i do
i guess you could call me a human rights activist too

i stand for the poor
i stand for the rich
i stand for the culprit
i stand for the bitch

i stand for the victim
and i stand for you
whatever you believe
i believe it too

the world is closed
the minds are boxed
depressing to watch
but im here to cock

aim my gun
into the hearts
eat the blue
harvest the gold

came in strong
going out long
came in hard
going out donged

i hit this hard
and said what i needed
so a toast to the world
and to all of its freedoms