Blue Harvest

by Griffendere

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released January 1, 2015

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Track Name: MC B [Prod. LUSH]
Backwards devils; I kill 'em when I revel.
Grab my fuckin' 10 and I get inside the treble.
Hello; my name is fuckin' Brenden,
Packin' all lyrics and emotions since I was seven.

The heaven; does it really exist?
Or is it just another lie I was told when I fixed?
Fixed the fuck up; I'm gettin' wrist bunched
And full of clumps; all cigarette smokin' dumps.

Gov is killin' lungs; the culture's gettin' hung,
And the rain is fallin' on me like it's billin' on my jump.
Jump into the sea; never see me again.
Only when I'm passed the brink when cops are on my zen.

But I never thought that I would be inside suspension,
Detention; bein' felt down by a cop,
Fuckin' mistakes are on my wrists like the rocks
Burnin' on my back like my sixteen old fuck.

I'm young as shit,
I shouldn't be inside the mothership.
Askin' if I actually hit on side my mother,
And tellin' me to clean my act up until it's butter
Track Name: Hung Essence [Prod. Atomsk]
Bitches gold; I hit the road
When a motherfucker look at me; designer robes.

I told,
I flip these words,
I find more poetics and try these verbs.

Get these fuckin' people off they ass cause' I'm the best,
I don't even try; I'm just a rest.

I start to test,
I crack the labels on the road with goodbye.

My name is Brenden.
Whats your name, man?
Get the tendon.

Are you a fan?
Are you a crook?
Cause' the drugs in me got me hooked.

Right in the chest.
Gonna catch my first offence.

When I die,
My pants be saggin',
Fuck mentality cause' teenagers are raggin'.

Soak it in the wash,
Put it to my face;
Get high and lost.

I don't know if I'm gonna make it past forty but if I do;
Then I hope my son know me.

The non existent kind,
Use protection kids,
Thats the daddy parents tell me when I make it big.

Like that day come,
I can dream like a brother who can say one.

I may be young,
But I'm the farthest thing from motherfuckin' dumb.

My mom says that when I curse; I sound hung.
Maybe I am,
Maybe I run.

Maybe I ran,
But not away,
I'm too pussy bitch today.
Track Name: Blue Harvest (feat. Chick Hunter) [Prod. Atomsk]
The soul reprisal
From the country mothership
With pushers tied to the backs
Of incarcerated needle freaks.

Stick it in my skin;
Make me feel the world once again
On this metal bed frame
I didn't try to be put in

But it was actually a sin
That the sexual desire was to trim
My exo-cited-circuitries
Take apart my memories
Rape aside my will like controller faded two degree

Fridge kept at a whopping temperature of 65
To keep the organs barely alive
But enough to put in people
To get words to speak the mouth
Of foreign tongue gibberish that he needs the loud.

Oh the sweet loud; its in all of the speakers,
The bass infected orgasm your girl screams when she breaths her,
Seize her; take apart her eyes as they roll back
And put the EQ back onto the invited covered track

And the rack; freed myself another lax
Ative to take my mind off the visions
That I see when I'm high;
Lemme put on my disguise
And trip out doing lucid laced blunts with a sigh.

With a heavy sigh;
The sickly departed nine
That the kids have to ride on
To make it past five.

But remember if you go postal
Then it can all be a mess
Of bloody knives and guns
From killing your nations vets

[chick hunter]
hex on my people.
Hex; they put a hex on my people.
Hex; hex on my people.

Hex; they put a hex on my pupil.
Hex; they put a hex on my people.
Hex; hex on my people.
Hex on my people.
Regel the real evil.

And break the wise
And fuck the rise;
People need rides.
I never give them brides

They wanna get married;
Get blind.
Get no crime,

Zero done wrong;
I was the perfect subject for the song.

The thong;
I ripped it off with such ease,
The acid trip had me grabbing all the keys

And unlocking doors to more whores on their knees.
I yelled God please help me out because this world is fake,
The yellow covered dandelions are asking if I'm next,
This isn't the place I dreamed I'd be,

But in 6 hours; I'll be set free.

[chick hunter]
hex on my people.
Hex; they put a hex on my people.
Hex; hex on my people.

Hex; they put a hex on my pupil.
Hex; they put a hex on my people.
Hex; hex on my people.
Hex on my people.
Regel the real evil.
Track Name: Postal LumineSENSE [Prod. Atomsk]
Open the wounds; get up and make truths.
Crack roots; six people with Macbooks.
Attack hook; kill 'em with lax hooks,
The facts took; convince the subjects that I'm crazy.

Make the newsreporters think I'm bubblin' and hazy.
Bassey; I grab the face and I'm a Casey,
I leave you in the trunk of the speaker when I'm raising my right arm,
Oh; I better see yours! With a sword slash across the whole fuckin' floor,

Get the morgue; lemme be your shaman and revive,
Tell all my country that we are decent and alive,
And sleep deprived, but you're stayin' up for this;
A 9 millimetre gun aimed at your fists.

I bring you down, with ropes and chains tied around,
Wring your neck; it's bang Shaolin Christ shit.
Down your treck; you can wait a year for this,
But you can't wait for next week's murder house on 5th.

You're jockin' on these leaders and ridin' their dicks,
That's exactly what they want; you fund their nations with a PUNCH.
A sick lunge; you are the army that we stole,
You make our souls bigger with an indigo that's gold,

You take us home; we only slaughter you cause we need to
Or else a new bass couldn't be made off the EQ,
Red to green; that's pussy shit.
It's a demon; I'll take all of these bombs and jam 'em in your freedom.

You listen to me; Retweet my public enemies
While my race mixed major takes them all down,
They can't fuck with the flow or even hear the sound,
Original and made from vinyl scratch oven,

Pink in the middle; rub the tummy lovin'
I'm hung annnndddddddd,
I'm puttin' down my golden sceptre.

Grabbin' the AK and aiming it at the vectors,
X to X-Y, is how I see it all,
My third eye shoots while my hands take the fall.

And it's okay; my sword will never get thrown
Not until I have the whole world holding me on my throne.
Track Name: Procreate [Prod. Atomsk]
I write the poetry and the words down,
To maybe subside my suicide frowns,
To find a different way to redirect my sounds,
Keep my vibes in check; maybe feel astound.

Maybe feel the great; maybe sunlight.
I worship God; another dust mite.
Hits my phone as I call upon my crest knight,
They can save me in a minute if I'm just right.

If I'm just right; but I'm really not,
I take another hard dip off the soft spot.
I can feel you behind and it's all that's yours;
Just reach out; it's a time warp.

Into the past; another broken glass.
Another phase; it's just the last.
Last one; last sip; one done.
It's white; wine and chum tons.

I'm pukin' all my runs,
I'm pukin' all my runs,
I'm pukin' all my runs.

Iiiiiiiiiiiii find,
Iiiiiiiiiiiii find,

Iiiiiiiiiiiii see,
Iiiiiiiiiiiii see,

The candle light in the dark corners,
The candle light in the dark corners-
The comfort it gives,
The comfort it gives.

Fall off,
Ooh fall off.

I never got my way of down
But the fabricated memories seemed to rebound.
And get me a swisher; two blunts to the face tho
And high off my life; two runs from police hoes

Opposite ways is how we go,
Especially when the cold winter snows,
And in the end; the bloody nose blows
And we're sitting in the clinic wondering what's a home.

But it's boned; my mind is super foggy.
And I'm sleepy; I'm feeling kinda groggy.
No coffee; I don't need that shit;
Only awake subtle conscious from the senile flips.

I'm in denial of everything around me,
How'd a star get surround lean.
But now I'm known as the huff fiend
So maybe it's time I down this liquor on the scene.


Iiiiiiiiiiiii find,
Iiiiiiiiiiiii find,

Iiiiiiiiiiiii see,
Iiiiiiiiiiiii see,

The candle light in the dark corners,
The candle light in the dark corners-
The comfort it gives,
The comfort it gives.

It's the only light I hold to me,
It's the only light I hold to me-
Right to my chest,
I can feel the rest fall off.
Ooh fall off.
Track Name: The Breakfast Club (feat. Em See) [Prod. Griffendere]
Convoluted greenery,
Sit up and tend to thee,
I only pick up when it attends to me; the other bree.

I'm fuckin' wo wo,
The world is slo mo,
Pick up the pace and I get it and run solo.

But it don't matter when I batter,
I batter the fuck up and lactate off til' my dicks end.

Real shit; the smoke and do a heelflip,
Thrash around town with beers and 40s in our hand,
Pickin' people to join our contraband;
The man; we take a stand.

And fuck aristocrats just stimulate the band,
'Cause this shit; it only topples when I tilt this,
I realness; grab my life and bill it.

The world of pleasurties; the simple minded memories;
I fuckin' throw it out and give up my mic and lend to be.
This energy; only emits when I'm bent to be,
The stairs that I fall down are like a hinder me,

Scratch the beat; it's J Dilla on the like you see,
The hype to be; in Heaven entirely,
We don't make money;
Just roll blunts and get drunk,

And talk about on the ways we can get crunk.
Get lumped; get dumped,
Elevated on a mic; it's like you pillanated on the strife,

Get entice,
Sound alright,
On the bass of the track with a brown bar; nice.

Tempo to indo;

[em see]

Call me the white tigah,
Sparkin' fire the dynamite with a black lightah,
While we ride like white wall tires.

This that herbal empire fit to rise up,
Elevated mafia; you don't fuck wit us.
We kick it while you fumble the punt,
Stacks on stacks on stacks laid up so get the jump,

Original gangstas so light up another blunt that burns hot as the sun,
Muthafucka keep the funk in the trunk,
Turn my volume up; all I see is corruption and young kids with drugs and guns and other fun shit.
Ignorance is bliss and at a time like this; you can turn a blind eye through it; close the curtains.

The streets are murderous and the average price for a dirty revolver is 30 dollars but
It's all about who shot first so get your health insured.
Welcome to planet earth; 21st century,
Where all the rich folks are pretendin' that it's safe in these streets,

Never met anybody by the name of MC,
With an Uzi and a bag of weed,
Fuck homies; we got heavy artillery,
Killin' beats; runnin' streets; keep it G.

Make our enemies females scream;
She want the D so she get it,

Stay blazed and rewrite the game and with that bein' said;
Have a wonderful day.
Track Name: Cloud Hopping (Back 'n' Forth) [Prod. Atomsk]
My mind hazy and bubblin' and gravy,
Goin' back forth between flies gold and hazy
The purple cloud I stay in;
Never be a fox in my hot bin;

Hot boxin' in the car; goin' to play the mart,
Get my part; gettin' it ready; I'm ready goin' far.
But its makin' laws and I'm tryna' get the rain down,
Grab my gun dot and shoot the planes up; I can say now,

I fuckin' stay in; stay low; captain of my indigo; goin' back 'n' forth.
But it's just, another way that I see; another dance; maybe make a trance,
Put my mind in another state; it's the way.

Watchin' anime all day; it's just nerdy shit that we do,
We don't do much; it's the crew, it's the crew.

But I just speak other language; you get me outside detainin';
Detainin' myself, you can; it's my mental health,
Mental self, I put it up; you get in my face of wealth,
Well gimme your wealth; trill.

You get when I fly self, but,
I'm tryna' fly South, mouth,
To East Asia fajor major; you catch me at the fader.

In and out the EQ to see through;
I see through my third eye; as high as you.

oh my my my my
im feelin high

You never see me; it goes and I try to go flow mo with slo mo;
Down tempo; put me in the strobe,
I'm on that fuckin' dro; but it doesn't matter;
I can't really see straight now,

It's just my life; it's just so hazy in this cave now,
Caving in; waving on our back again,
Back and forth; and you try to see the court
But they don't see you on the saw,

It's just departin' in the ways of the law,
Gettin' founded and draw,
Put me in your draw,

But it don't really matter; put my face down a silver platter and cut it off
And eat the brain; get some smart; maybe you can make it large,
But my soul is on; and get solar strong,
It gets stronger and stronger and its keeps going harder and harder;

Don't tell it what to do;
It got crew; it got you.

Track Name: Cricket Leader (Fritz Remix) [Prod. Atomsk]
I'm comin' in with Mac 9s; spray and prey the divine
And I fuckin' take em' like a civil rights crime.
I free the slaves; open up your mind.
Get inside the culture and stop livin' life blind.

I ain't no follower; I'm a fuckin' leader
So the next time you see me; you call me Geedra.
I'm the best; nah fuck it; take the check
Cause' a 9 to 5 job ain't what I star on

Like a west side; add a little story.
Pick apart the plot and blow up all the arteries
With no meat; roasted and eaten as defeat
I'm the best known poet since the twisted fantasy.

It ain't right dog; I write my shit in pac blood
And smear it on your face like a suicidal watch dog.
Top pog; I'm on the tip of the scenester
Cause coloured haired fuckers wanna get inside my Bimmer

But fuck that; I only chill with the cool kids
Cause' every other person is as goofy as the Booze Trip
And Sharknado; I don't drink myself to pain death
I only like to see shapes until I catch my first offence-

That already fuckin' happened;
Don't ask me how it went cause' it ended with a bag and
My chain; keep my grandfather near me
Cause' he the only light that I see when I'm stoney

One day; I smoke with a blunt with him.
And share a budwiser on the beaches and the sands.
We can ghost walk to baghdad and do our Call of Duty
And level up our stats like a fuckin' pair of loose leafs

Straight tea! I drink us down with a brand beat
And kick it outta shame like a Zelda potted rupee
Two feet; I put on Killer Mike war paint
Cause' I'm here to spread apart my wings with a sore wink

Cause' I'm done,
Bitches need another pot run
Cause' I left em' on the brink on euthanasia;
That's my law, son.

That's my law, son.
So fuck off brothah;
I'll get the guns hung.
Get the guns hung.
Track Name: Welcome To The Experience [Prod. Griffendere]
Jesus told me no so I did it anyways;
Pick my fuckin' phone up and call up the bitch seven days.
It doesn't go down so well,
Just like the rum I downed for the 5th grade show n' tell.

The winners never sleep and the losers never die,
So why the fuck am I considerin' suicide?
Life sucks and it's apparent,
Welcome to the experience; choose your letterman

Jacket off the coat hanger; they smell like cigarettes
And now no woman wants to suck your dick off the vets.
Hex; they put a hex on my people.
So now I'm here to revive them off the lethal

Heroin addict; ain't no tactic; just an escape method
That you brought up from the hood; it's a great method.
So run the fuck away,
You ain't gettin' yours today.

i feel like i am x8

7 months,
Thats what this album took.
Attack hit bars,
Write a fuckin' hook.

I ain't no poppy motherfucker,
I can barely do a curb stomp on the luggers.

Grab my lucid luggage and head to the apartments,
Hoping that this shit pays off my next car rent.

I can't afford shit,
What the fucks a job,
Fuck it.

i feel like i am x8
Track Name: Respect My (with guitar by Derek Kenton) [Prod. Griffendere]
From the way I beer,
I take a sip with ear.
Hear the liquids pouring down like a record tear.

Scratch the needle right,
It only pick the mic,
Throw it to the left; swerve right inside the kite.

It only slow down; get wings in my soul now.
Tryna' get big; get my flow down.
Indigo soul on my robes now;
NAP CREW here to take that crown down.

Redistribute among the people;
We all kings here; better get the free throw.
Swish it in like a hoop in the basket,
Wordyer than I was in a casket.

Dead for years; I was holdin' it back.
But the chiefer got me reefin' on my way to the sack.
Get in tact; I only holdin' myself on the way to the top
But when I drop; fuck that shit; I'm electric pop.

Bringin' down; Imma' get no sound.
No replay value to mound up;
Put me on repeat scale; Imma' get the bound fucked.

Take the ground and shape it cupped,
Put all you in the circle like a Katamari blood.

That's what the music did.

The calling of my people,
Is what I sought to live.

That's what I remain to say,

I just hope you can find me after the street date.

you never find me
no you jus dont find a way
you never find me
no you jus dont find a way
you never find me
you never find me
you never find me
you never find me

you never find me
no you jus dont find a way
you never find me
no you jus dont find a way
you never find me
you never find me
you never find me
you never find me

Less hype now,
We bring it; turn it down.
Change the water up;
I can't drink liquor brown.

I drown,
But always swim with my swimmers,
They tad pole cross the screen like exo-cited sinners.

I trim 'em,
Shoot it directly in the mouth,
Sexual preference is made once you're in a town.

I found,
The reason I fight.
The inner hidden meanings to the world that I write.

Motherfuckers wanna get me; but I check thee.
I bring 'em down like a Mech 3.
Eva 03; Imma' get my soul free
And higher conscious on meth; see.

Fuck bitches; I'm a stone,
I block 'em all out and shoot 'em with a bone.
Drone; missile; goin' straight home.

Aiming my gun; but it don't matter anymore.
I already have your hands up like this a robbery from a store.

Ain't gore,
But this as graphic as it get.

Zone; I'm on that Hill 3.
But you won't find me unless you find B.

you never find me
no you jus dont find a way
you never find me
no you jus dont find a way
you never find me
you never find me
you never find me
you never find me

you never find me
no you jus dont find a way
you never find me
no you jus dont find a way
you never find me
you never find me
you never find me
you never find me